Hot Lunch Program

SCS Hot Lunch Program

Students will provide their own cold lunch and beverage each day.  On most Fridays (unless otherwise notified), hot lunch is provided by parent volunteers with the purchase of a lunch ticket.  Lunch tickets can be purchased in the front office and include lunch and milk.  

During weeks when hot lunch will be served, parents will be notified by a flyer posted on the front door and/or an email, allowing enough time to purchase tickets.  Please send a check or the exact amount to purchase tickets as the office will not have change.  The school does not extend credit for lunches.

Lunch tickets: $2.50

Milk will be available on non-hot lunch days for .25/each.  You DO NOT need to purchase tickets for milk on these days.  Teachers supervising lunch will have a collection container available to collect milk money.

Parent Volunteers

If you are interested in cooking and/or serving hot lunch, please contact the Parent Club.  Below you can find some helpful information.

Parent Club will reimburse up to $65 for hot lunch meals and parents can use the time for Heart of a Servant hours.  Approximately 30-35 students, on average, eat hot lunch as well as SCS teachers and staff. 

 Popular Meals:
Mac 'n Cheese
Tater Tot Casserole
Meatball Subs
Clam Chowder

This is an amazing and special treat for our kids!  PLEASE, please, please consider volunteering to cook and/or serve hot lunch!