Tuition 2015-2016


TUITION 2015-2016

Pre-School  per student:

$ 25       Registration Fee, non-refundable, due at Registration.

$ 50       Curriculum Fee, non-refundable, due at Registration.

$100      Monthly Tuition for 3’s Class, 2 days/week.                      

$150      Monthly Tuition for 4’s Class, 3 days/week.                      

*Multiple student discounts do not apply to Pre-school.


Kindergarten – per student:  (Students must be 5 years old by Sept. 1)

$  25      New Family Registration Fee, non-refundable, due at Registration.

$100      Curriculum Fee, non-refundable, due at Registration.

Tuition:           Annual                9-month plan               10-month plan             11-month plan 

                       $1875                $209                              $188                             $171              


Grades 1-8  per student:

$ 50 for the first child in the family, and $25 for each additional child, non-refundable, due at Registration.                       

$ 200     Curriculum Fee, non-refundable, due at Registration.                  

Tuition:           Annual                9-month plan               10-month plan             11-month plan                              

                       $3600                $400                             $360                              $328              

Multiple Student Discounts:   If there are additional children in the family who will also be attending grades 1-8, rates will be:

2nd Child Discount     $3430            $382                                 $343                               $312

3rd Child Discount      $3260           $363                                  $326                              $297

4th Child, and additional children, will be the same as the 3rd Child Discount.

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT:  Attend Back to School night in September and receive a coupon, good for $25 off tuition--per child, maximum of $50 per family—to apply to October’s tuition payment.  Applies to grades K-8.

Home-school Students: We offer classes to Home-school Students.  Please ask at the office for this year’s classes and fee schedule. 


Payment Terms

·       Total Tuition amount is divided in nine, ten or eleven payments, with the first payment due between September 1st  and 15th of the current school year, with the remaining payments due between the 1st and 15th of each month, until the final payment is made.  There are no tuition refunds.

·       A late charge of $25.00 will be assessed if payment is made after the 15th of the month. 

·       There is a 2.5% discount if the whole year’s tuition is paid in full by September 15th .

·       If payments are paid by credit card, a 3% processing fee will be added, per payment. 

·       NSF checks:  There will be a $25.00 charge for each returned check.

·       Families with accounts 45 days overdue WILL BE ASKED TO WITHDRAW THEIR CHILD(REN) unless a prior arrangement has been made with the school secretary or administrator.

·       Students will not be allowed to re-register until the account for the previous year is cleared.

·       "Heart of a Servant": Families agree that they will perform 30 hours (grades 1-8) of service during the academic school year.  Families agree to pay an extra $300 if they choose not to volunteer in the “Heart of a Servant” program.  (Grade K and single parents volunteer 15 hours or pay $150.)

Please see Mrs. Zade in the SCS office to complete registration forms or for any questions about SCS registration or tuition.